Blogging or Bragging?

As soon as I open my Laptop on a monstrous Monday (Yes I can be mean to Mondays), I wade through interesting articles, listicals that dominate my homepage! Before I know it, I’m scrolling through them all and happily while away almost a stupid hour of my designated 10 minutes for social media. What I find very engaging, is the mystery question and unpredictable stories that hide behind the face of entertainment to keep you company. Facebook and twitter are in the process of deeming the newspaper as an obsolete means of traditional media. Had it not been for all those non tech savvy people and my parents, grandparents etc, who still patronize newspapers & magazines, traditional media would have not survived another year.

It all boils down to one question.What are we bragging about daily? Let’s begin with our daily commute to our destinations. We brag about what we wear ( Yes Ootds and Ootns,you’ll know what I’m talking about), or our food that we anyway eat daily for survival. I get it. You’re a foodie and I know i’ll get guns to my head for pointing out my hypocrisy. Let’s face it. We are all brags in our own way. Humans love praise and that acts as a huge motivational factor to us. We go to any extent to fish that little compliment even about that little bobby pin on our hair as women.

Man is a social animal but hey, he’s taken that too literally! Bloggers, I get it, we blog out our experiences,tips,suggestions to our readers, yet we don’t realize how we glorify, photoshopify, filterphy regular routine as a glamourous product. We brag about it. We’re bragging about how we found time to do it while you all simply don’t notice the finer things in life. Would we dare post something that is not aesthetically approved by the social norms?

No. It always has to confirm either to the humour, artsy/craftsy, exotic, sophisticated criteria or it just isn’t approved. This morning I ate a croissant for breakfast. My stomach just demanded food. But all that came to my mind  was, ‘OMG this is such a french thing to do! I will Instagram this with the best filter and make it even more virtually edible so my followers will want my breakfast and eventually my weight!’ We are caught up in the act of bragging. We brag about brands. Why don’t we brag about stuff brought on the roadside?

So I brought a Michael Kors handbag and carried it everywhere because common guys, it was not just a handbag, it was a socially approved sophisticated piece of art! I brought myself a handbag from the roadside. Guess what! It performed the same functions as the MK bag. I spoke to people about how awesome this bag is, stressing on the ‘despite picking it up from the roadside’, as opposed to the compliments MK garnered

Would I have glorified plain rice if I ate it for breakfast? or just a banana? Hell no! That doesn’t succumb to social needs of it being the ‘right breakfast’. Why do we let society take 90% of our life decisions? I will take an awfully long vacation to think about the answer to that question!

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