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Carry your comfort

As a kid, growing up to me meant getting dressed.As an upcoming adult,growing up to me still means dressing up.How can you expect to play your role if you aren’t dressed for it? Fashion speaks of the roles you’re assigned to.
Today I felt like like a homeless drug addict.I put on my joggers ,my crew neck T-shirt and clumsily tied a bun.I wanted to complete the look and so I wore these sneakers that just added to the homeless comfort and voila! It made me feel like I had a role to play.Dressing up the part made me relax for the day because it was a Friday and work didn’t demand much of me either.That didn’t stop me from wearing minimalistic makeup.I decided to slash some kajal on my waterline and upper eyelid (khal drogo style) curled those lashes with some mascara .I didn’t forget my sunscreen.Lastly i added a pop of my nude lakme 9-5 lipstick that gives my lips the perfect sheen to make me look like a druggy who still has some scope in life.I wanted to travel light (because I was homeless remember?) and so I slayed the look with my grey sling bag, studded to infinity.
Who says fashion is all about being poised and sophisticated? the day you embrace your look is the day you create one.I walked on to the streets like a total badass from the outside but a committed employee who still had a to do list to complete,from the inside.( I couldn’t afford to get homeless for real).This look made me feel like I’m in my zone,carrying my world along with me while performing the required tasks at hand.For those who have a strict dress code to abide with,I’d recommend abiding it your way.Carry your comfort in the form of your favourite hoodie,shoes,bag,cap etc.basically anything that lets you slay the day you don’t want to make hay.

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