Where are you now?

I’m writing this in memory of all those looking for their cheating exes.. just kidding. But if we think about it, Our musical platform is bombarded by songs that involve looking for their better half. These songs are but obviously written by the younger ones in search of their better halves, looking endlessly for ‘the right’ one to arrive at their doorstep. Like chal bhai ‘where are you now’ bahaar nikal! Jokes apart, the ones entering their 20’s face this the most. Too bad Sarah Jessica parker still faces it in her 40’s!
*inserts random picture of listen to your heart*
It’s miserable really. One moment you feel you’re a free bird and pretend to do all the cool things approved socially like ‘oh you’re single? let’s flirt, oh you’re single let’s experiment, Oh you’re single become a hot potato. Then there are ‘those’ days. You’ll know what I’m talking about. They make you feel like a widow already. No one is ever available at my disposal as and when I need it.We all need love affection. No matter how bad ass I think I am, I admit I need it. Those days feel like an island of diamonds you’re never finding ways to reach. It’s starving you, but you’re trapped.Then there is the island full of diamonds.The metaphor stands for ‘the one’.Yes I’m talking about the one that holds you just right, grips you with his humor, plays with your hair and stares into your soul. Snap out of it girl. I was just narrating the virtual version of it.
lookking ino miorr
The diamond boy in this real world may just love sharing pizza with you. He’ll buy you nachos on the way. Bring a stack of movies along with him for ‘netflix and chill’. The strange part about this ‘the one’ is that, it’s not exclusive anymore. We lack the exclusivity. Where are those well planned evenings for dates that included cycling, picnicking on the grass, watching stars from the backseat of cars and doing whatever was to follow. That’s the kind of romance missing from our lives.Why are we converting something soo special into something soo casual? Why don’t we lovers sing each other songs under the tree or by the beach anymore? the fact that we have quick access to one another makes it difficult to long for the other.We need not settle for casual texts, quick calls and short lived facetime. We need to relive these moments. Say ‘what’s up’ to all in real life.We need to express here. My friend and I tried an experiment that involved actually enacting how we would be Talking IRL to each other (texting+talking).
It began with
Tan: Ssup
Friend: I need to talk to you
Tan: Go on
Friend:*types really fast*
Friend: paragraph 1..
Tan: Oh, I’ll take a while to read it, process it and reply.
Friend: Cool. Let’s go for a walk now, leaving our phones indoors and TALKING IRL.
TALKING IRL – The only way to experience enough to narrate your life or imagine telling your kids how your love story evolved over two little screens.
picnic friends

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