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    From Nepal To Australia: An Immigrant’s Breakthrough Down Under

    Welcome back to my stories platform where we share our journeys with immigrants that have moved from different parts of the world to Australia, a land of abundant opportunity but with its own challenges that we are all navigating with wisdom, harmony and love. Introducing our next guest on this platform – Nick Shrestha, a certified career coach who guides international students with the right job opportunities. He is on a constant goal- achieving spree. I personally enjoy his motivational posts on Linkedin, which is why I thought I’d interview him. Hoping we learn a bit or two from his journey and experiences. Can you tell me a little about…

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    A Millenial Italian Immigrant Story

    Born and raised Nestled amidst the vibrant pulse of the city, I stumbled upon her – a woman with an infectious energy and a hint of an Italian accent. As the sun gleamed against a wall, we delved into her story, a journey from the heart of Torino to the vast landscapes of Australia. “I’m a Torino girl, a city where everyone knew everyone. It’s in North Italy, bustling with life and tightly knit communities. Family? Oh, it’s the very fabric of our being. Mum, dad, my younger brother and me – that was my world. Let me tell you a little about growing up in a family that smashed…