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Style Aesthetic 2024: How To Find Yours

Your Style Aesthetic In 2024 Is An Algorithm That You Must Decode

Do you ever wonder how some women and men tend to get everything just right about their overall style and grooming? It is this lovely algorithm called aesthetic that they have successfully managed to decode for themselves according to their height, builds, ethnicity, skin colour, hairstyle & makeup (we shall get to that in another post)

Some of you have yet to discover your own style, makeup, accessory combination etc. and it’s never too late!

  1. What Is An Aesthetic?
Style Aesthtic: Vintage Winter
Top – Black bandeau with a sweater
Pants – Bell bottoms from Shein

I bet you’ve been coming across the word A LOT ever since the inception of Instagram, pinterest, feeds and so on. The Instagram world is just pretty and full of visually pleasing images, that I stumble upon every morning. If you’re guilty as charged then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

‘An aesthetic according to a field of philosophy is the nature of art, beauty and taste with the creation or appreciation of beauty.’ This brings us to your next question’

2. How Does One Establish An Aesthetic?

Now, for some, aesthetics just runs in the blood (like mine for example). It’s funny how I knew what suited me right since I was 5 (I threw tantrums if I wasn’t happy about how I looked for my 5th birthday. I know, ridiculous! and my mum has a picture of me frowning for proof so). The good news is, it doesn’t necessarily have to run in your blood. You can acquire one too! As you continue reading the blog, you’ll realize that you might fall into one of the 3 following categories. Let it be a total surprise!

3. How Does One Execute An Aesthetic ?


Identify Your  Shape

Figuring out your size is super important because I didn’t know the power of fits until I realized that I have been an extra small all my life and wondered why all my S sized tops were loose.

Are you pear shaped? apple? hour glass? If you haven’t identified what category you fall into exactly, You could refer to this chart and go measure up!


Once you’ve identified your shape, the size will automatically fall into place and online shopping will get soo much easier! you’ll end your little struggles with fits once and for all.

3. What Clothing Item should I cling to?

Lean & skinny – If you fall into the lean goblet, column and vase (A per the chart above) figured category, embrace culottes, bell bottoms, mid riff expose, pencil everything, cigarette pants and a plethora of clothing out there because of how fluid and in demand your figure is!

Pear shaped beauties – If you have a petite upper frame, find your IT GIRL size for tops and pair it with palazzos, bell bottoms, joggers. Opt for gowns instead of midis and grab the ones that clend your waist. Saris will make you look like a goddess as well

Apple shaped beauties – baggy tops are your best friend. Pair it with high waisted pants, joggers, palazzos, bell bottoms and even skinnys if you’re comfortable. Opt for A-lines, shift dresses

I don’t give a fuck – If you belong to this category, congratulations! you have unlocked a special type of fit and that is called ‘CONFIDENCE’. You can carry off almost anything and everything with ease. I’d urge you to fall into this category ASAP my friend.

What color will suit me?

Source: Dermablend

First category: Cool toned

If you fall into the cool toned category, almost any colour will suit your skintone but the ones that will really bring out your inner charisma (I don’t know if thats a thing but still) are your pinks, cool reds, purple, yellow, orange, peach and ofcourse this is not limited to your choice

Second category: Warm toned

If you have grey undertones, the colours that will suit you are cobalt blue, emerald green, earthy green, golden, mustard, grey, magenta pink, maroon and almost any colour that you pull of with confidence in general. I’m just giving you ideas, the canvas is yours!

Third category: IDGAF toned

Now you are just special because you really have that nerve to surprise anyone and everyone with your unusual choice of almost any colour despite your gorgeous God-gifted skin tone and that my friend is brilliant! go on have a lovely day showing off those pastels or gothic glam chic x infinity look

If you think this blog was a little helpful, do leave your lovely comments below and I shall guide you with makeup selection according to your faceshape, skintones, undertones etc.




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