A Makeup Revolution #metoo – Winter Is Coming

Makeup Revolution

Stop what you’re doing right now. Take a deep breath, relax. You are now welcome to my world of Vintage aesthetics with a touch of gold and contemporary nuances. The time machine is inaccessible and so I create the era. This time, I wanted to delve into the 70’s and manifest the mood I picked up from this decade through research and obsession. Tune into some Lana Del Rey as you read this blog because she is literally living vintage!

4th Wave feminism

YES, we’re all emboldened as women right now and some of us are finally breathing a sigh of relief because justice has been restored. It amazing how a single hashtag has turned tides and erupted. We’re now experiencing the 4th wave of fresh feminist discourse with women all over the world exploding with confessions with regard to sexual abuse and we couldn’t be more proud.

I urge you to take pride in your sexuality as a woman and celebrate yourself without having to feel guilty. YOU MUST buy that outfit you’ve been eyeing for months, YOU MUST buy that concealer to conceal those bags under your eyes if you want to, YOU MUST go out and live!

Makeup Is A Reflection

All our actions are driven by a certain factor, and that my friend is history. History is a compilation of outcomes driven by passion and desires that were neither good nor bad. Let’s get to the part where I bring makeup into the picture as usual (Sorry non makeup enthusiasts).

70’s feminist wave

70’s makeup reflected the revolution for women in political, social and economic spheres. Makeup brands like Revlon released campaigns that emulated the liberal woman. I went back in time and picked out a little hippie from the 60’s with a touch of revolution from the 70’s to produce this look. My photographer friend Chelsea and I were on the same page when we crafted this mood board and found just the right outdoor setting. We shot this at a location where time ceased to exist. It was at my friend Elton’s farmhouse that had just the right vintage vibes!

Makeup in the 70’s

I created a glam version of the flower power trend complete with a braided crown, backed by a loose chignon.

makeup revolution #metoo
Highlighted eyes


Au Natural

I drew focus to my eyes, where the light hits naturally with the gold pigment from Makeup Forever’s Imagic flash palette, the gold shade from Kryolan’s shimmer cream color circle and Makeup Revolution’s white toned highlighter for the inner corners.

makeup revolution #metoo
Vintage makeup


Exaggerated Cut Crease

I wanted to bring out the strong cut crease that raged in the 70’s as it complimented the bright lid. I must admit, I overdid it on purpose because I longed for that beautiful depth in my eye socket.

makeup revolution #metoo
Vintage makeup contour

Sharp Contour

Contouring in the 70’s was mild and was focused mainly on bronzed, sun kissed skin. However I wanted to break that contour shackle and counter the trend to structure my face with bronzer altogether (Which is not a bad Idea at all! in fact you could totally contour your face with bronzer).
I chose to write about liberation because this has been a year of self-discovery and a realization that individuality needs an in-depth exploration. I believe I don’t fit into this era and clearly caught the wrong bus! If any of you feel the same, connect with me on my facebook and Instagram page, I’d love to know your take on this subject.
Picture Credits – Chelsea Dale Monis (Stalk her)

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