makeup review - myglamm x sublime

Makeup Review – My Glamm x Sublime factories


Valentine’s day was near, I had no bae to slay that day, but then I received an invite from Sublime factory & My Glamm to their ‘Up in the air’ event and got pampered with a makeover and a few of their multi-functional products!

makeup review myglamm x sublime factories
Multipurpose makeup

Two of a Kind Gel Finish Nail enamel

makeup review - my glamm x sublime factories
One coat application Gel nail polish

Sorry about my dry palms, but hey this gel nail polish was bomb! as a makeup artist I don’t grow my nails or bother applying nail polish because most nail polishes that I use require two coats of application along with one layer of a transparent coat! this one just did it’s job at a go in 10 minutes along with the drying <3.

Liquid eyeliner + HD brow powder 

makeup review - myglamm x sublime factories
Eyeliner with an eyebrow defining powder

Guys, this multi purpose baby is a total eye-definition savior. I usually use a separate brow powder palette with a brow comb and a spooley to define my brows. I then move on to the liquid eyeliner from yet another pouch. That usually takes me about 15 minutes and another 5 minutes to look for my products that are usually all over the place.
This little two-in-one tool did it’s job in about 5 minutes!!!
makeup review - myglamm x sublime factories

The Perfect Curves, 2 in 1 matte lipstick & lipliner – Siren 

Long lasting lipstick
Long-lasting Lipliner that doubles up as a matte lipstick

I was having a bad hair day and I DO NOT WEAR RED LIPSTICK until I met this beautiful color that brightened up my face and my mood (It was Valentine’s day without a bae remember?). It had a pinkish undertone that perfectly complimented my skin tone and It lasted me all throughout the evening!
I’m definitely adding more of these time-saving beauty geniuses to my kit!
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