Hahndorf German Village South Australia
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Hahndorf German Village In South Australia – Historical Trails

This blog is a mixture of my journey and a little exploring at Hahndorf German Village in South Australia. I moved to South Australia 2 years ago from India, my home country to study and haven’t found the time to write ever since. Darlings, I’ve lost touch with my blog (thank you, anxiety, fear of judgment, stressing over assignment deadlines, THE PANDEMIC, keeping up with part-time job ends, rent commitments, cooking etc), but haven’t exactly lost touch with my adventure boogey yet!

Here’s a Purple Sky picture of me at Hahnorf (I edited the sky to look fantastical)

What Is Life Like At The Moment In Tania World?

The great news is that I’m still alive and made it through 2020 to 2022! Cheers to that and the spirals of good and bad that have taken place so far. I feel accomplished and yet far behind my peers in some way but that’s alright! We’re all on our own journeys and life is far from perfect. I use a lot of self-invented words that you don’t find on Google or the dictionary because this is a free world okay. Now, enough of catching-up talk, let’s cut to my day at the Hahndorf German Village

Getting Settled In South Australia Is No Joke. I’m Not Sugar Coating Anything

When I first moved to South Australia, I was soo caught up with getting settled into my life in a new country. If you’re someone who has recently moved, with a nary clue about life down under, you know. You just know what it’s like. I wanted to ease into my zone, find my friends, establish my support system and explore places instead of just visiting. When I mean explore, especially when there is a considerable amount of history attached to it, I go wild.

Handorf Village South Australia
I fell in love with this mysterious fantasy world door that just wouldn’t open 🙁

We Love Stories

My mystery companion and me discovered that we shared a mutual fondness of talking to locals of a town and hearing their stories. We mostly end up talking to mature individuals that have lived through golden history with such interesting lives before the invention of smartphones.

What We Discovered At Hahndorf German Village In South Australia

Mylka and Louis, the owners of Byzantine Studio at the Hahndorf German Villsge, spotted us having a debate about whether or not the picture outside was Joan of Arc with the Dauphin of France or not. Later, we realized that it was King Arthur and the lady of the lake (Oops!). Mylka and me bonded over our mutual love for the Netflix show Reign, while she took me through her collection of antiques that she imports from Europe. I asked her genuine questions about the motives behind this massive German settlement in Hahndorf, to which I received such interesting insights.

You should definitely have a lovely chat with Mylka to get a better picture. Mylka and me bonded over our unique and unpopular quest for the truth even if that meant completely discerning forced facts that were thrust down our throats for no reason at all.

Where To Eat In Hahndorf German Village In South Australia?

We then decided to stroll past restaurants for lunch and did this thing called ‘Not checking phones for reviews and popular places‘, but instead rely on our four senses of smell, sight, hearing and touch which would eventually lead to the fifth sense – Taste! We walked past Comida, this delicious smelling place with Paella cooking at the entrance. In an instant, we knew we HAD to run in and eat their food. It was that SIMPLE! We ordered paella of course and relished a really creamy with a hint of charred flavored Baque cheesecake that invigorated our fifth sense to the tea.

Comida Spanish cafe Handorf
This beautiful Spanish cafe with warm food

So that’s what I call exploring. I don’t think you need to be traveling to exotic places to have a fabulous time. Life is full of little and magical moments from the moment you wake up till you go to bed. I hope you have the best week of your life and find the magic in your neighborhood before you plan an extravagant to trip to Paris. I shall now sign off before I head down for a little discovery walk to the grocery store! TADA!

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  • Shalini Linhares

    Very well written Tania, our trip to Australia will definitely include the above places you explored….till then keep writing …we want to read more of your blogs. So glad you got back to writing

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