Indian Version Of Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Makeup

indian marilyn monroe makeup
Photo credits – Ryan P. Dsouza



Everyone in the beauty universe is familiar with the the iconic bombshell known for her sultry makeup and red lips that spoke only the language of the classics. I delved deep into her makeup routine over the past few days and obsessed excessively over her cheek sheen brighter than my soul. She still continues to own the lip game even after decades of beauty revolution, thanks to her elaborate makeup routine.

I decided to follow this routine and replicate the look on my friend Devika, with a slightly darker complexion for an experimental outcome. We had fun pulling off this look and I’ve decided to share her routine with you guys.


indian marilyn monroe makeup
Dewy skin – Marilyn Monroe Makeup on Indian skin tone

I hope  Allan Whitey is proud of me for embracing the humble petroleum jelly. I began prepping Devika’s skin with vintage Primer aka Vaseline. She and I were equally stunned at the outcome. It paved way for smooth functioning of the forthcoming products I was yet to apply on her skin. She was aware of this little secret that dewy skin = a youthful look.


indian marilyn monroe makeup
The Vaseline eased out the foundation evenly on her skin. I enjoyed developing the texture of her skin at this point of time as the foundation glided on like butter! The only downside to this routine was oiliness. My AC was on a blasting onto Devika’s face to maintain a sheer balance (We certainly cannot risk turning into oil machines because we live in Mumbai. Those with dry skin can risk it for a day though!)


Mari eyes
White dreamy eyes – Marilyn Monroe Makeup on Indian skin tone

Did you try your level best to wing it out high enough to fly? we all need wings, right from the liner to the chicken to the pads. Monroe was the ultimate proprietor of the wings, simply because she enhanced it with half a set of false eyelashes. That’s exactly what I did. I cut a set of my falsies and glued them on. It gave my model and instant wing lift, high enough to fly. Allan then drew a subtle stroke below her wings with a brown pencil to make it look like a shadow of the wings (That’s what you call the master of extra).


Her eye lids were smothered in bright white eye shadow to make them appear wider. The whole idea was to enhance her heart shaped face. He filled in the water line with white eye pencil and finished the gaps between the wing and the shadow with white pencil. The last step was confusing and I decided to leave it out of my routine. He drew a small red dot in the inner corner of her eyes (Still can’t figure how that works).


red lips
Luscious lips – Marilyn Monroe Makeup on Indian skin tone

If you thought the eyes were extra, then get ready for the lips. He contoured her lips with layers of dark red lipstick on the outer corners and  a brighter shade on the center of the lips. Whitey and Monroe had their own customized lip gloss which was their little secret ingredient for those luscious lips. He also added dabs of white power on the center of the lips and applied some more lipstick for a fuller dimension. I ran out of red lipstick that day. Sadly I didn’t have their secret lip gloss but I used my favorite highlighter anyway.
How tempted are you to use your red lipsticks already? Vintage beauty never ceases to amuse me because magnified skills > products.

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