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Moody Tones From Thai Furtado On Instagram

Moody Tones From Thai Furtado Has taken Instagram By Storm And I Wonder Why?

When I first saw bloggers use it on their Instagram stories, I was blown away by its retro-vintage aesthetic, that everyone tries to mimick for their well-curated vintage feed. We millennials are strangely obsessed with these toned down, brownish- golden filters with grain on them. It’s hilarious how we as a generation are obsessed with grain on our photos when the generation that came before us tried to get rid of them!

Grainy pictures are a result of small particles emitted from silver hallide while processing those pictures in the good ol days. I saw quite a few bloggers emulate this grainy vintage effect on their feed wayy before Thai gave us ‘Moody Tones.’ One of my favorite Instagrammers – Nupur aka The Lazy Insomniac – figured out the formula to achieve this vintage aesthetic through a series of muted soft brown, burnt orange, yellowy feeds that I can keep looking at all day!

And We’re Too Obsessed With Nostalgia

I just read an article about Bollywood throwbacks that had Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, baby Sara Ali Khan do their thing before Instagram. There is a certain kind of warmth we’re all seeking through these throwbacks. When we look at our childhood photos or pictures of our parents, it makes us wish we could all just go back to simpler times.

Can We Get Collectivism Back?

Honestly, we just need to get off our phones and live in the moment more often. We’re too individualised as a society and have forgotten how to live in the present to just enjoy someone’s company without flipping our phones out. Okay, that was too much rambling for the sake of a filter. Thanks a ton for Moody Tones Thai! I never imagined writing a blog about an Instagram story filter but beauty in every sphere of life should be praised and glorified.

How To Use Moody Tones Filter On Instagram

1. Click on The Moody Tones option From The Story

2. Click on save effect

There you go! Let’s all enjoy becoming artsy Instagrammers, shall we?

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