Diwali Festive Eye Makeup – Glitter cut crease!

Diwali Festive Eye Makeup Drama

Indian festivals give me all the reasons to shine bright like a diamond. Admit it, we put a ring on that bling the moment we set our eyes on those chandelier earrings, jhumkas, diamonte chokers and my new favorite

Indian accessory – The maang tikka!
We all have different preferences for outfits and accessories. Once we’ve picked them out, we wonder what else we could do to our faces, apart from  Kohled eyes (Which is equally stunning). As a member of the extra team, I bring to you two looks you should carry off for the festival of lights, joy and colors.

The Glitter eye cut crease

diwali festive eye makeup
The glitter eye cut crease for Indian festivals

I practiced this look for 2 weeks until It reached my levels of satisfaction and finally decided it was time to share it with you guys.

Disclaimer : This might not turn out the way you planned it but have fun experimenting anyway

diwali festive eye makeup
Cut to the crease
  • Step 1 – Choose the right glitter glue

I used the all purpose BBM glue that I purchased from a nearby beauty store.

  • Step 2 – Choose the right glitter

Glitter has different ranges from thick to thin.
         Pro tip : the finer the glitter the better the glimmer. 
I customized my own glitter palette using glitter from some of my favorite brands.

  • Step 3 – Test the blending capabilities of the glue with your primer/concealer and then swap on the glitter


  • Step 4 – Slay that Diwali party today!


Diwali Festive Eye Makeup – Tracey Eyes

diwali festive eye makeup
Middle eastern meets Indian eye makeup

Don’t worry glitter haters, I’ve got you too. I tried the ‘middle east meets Indian eye’ look that gives your eyes just the right drama for this festive season. This look will work best with a lehenga, a sari, salwar kameez or even a kurta. Here’s how you can create this dramatic look.

  • Step 1 – Prime your lids to make your makeup last before and after the dancing


  • Step 2 – Trace the inner corners of your eyes to develop a fine stroke of liner on your lids. I’ve used a gel liner here for better control over the corners and edges


  • Step 3 – Use a shadow that accentuates your crease and build it with a transition shade of your choice. Feel free to try out combinations that belong to the same family of shades. I’d recommend using the brown and burnt orange combination with a tinge of golden and copper for the lids from the Morphe 25A copper spice eye shadow palette


  • Step 4 – Add your fake lashes! I’ve used the mink medium volume lashes by me for this look. Don’t forget to highlight the inner corners of your eyes with your favorite highlighter. I used the white toned highlighter from the makeup revolution highlighter palette, because glitter’s sober sister fixes everything!


  • Step 5 – Burn the dance floor and take over the expression game with your dramatic eyes!
diwali festive eye makeup
Eye makeup under different lighting

Have a happy and safe Diwali you all!


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