Kylie Jenner lipstick Dupes Under Rs.500

Kylie Jenner Lipstick Dupes Are Here For The Win

Did you miss out on the Kylie Jenner lipstick restock again this time? Well I did. I swear I planned on getting at least candy K which I failed. Am I the only one who thinks she needs to manufacture about 3 million lipsticks minimum?

We Managed To Find Kylie Jenner Lipstick Dupes!

All said and done, I knew I had to find my way out and thus me and my friend Nicole set out on a ‘finding Kylie Jenner lipstick lookalike’ expedition. I was pleased at the end of the day with 5 shades we managed to find lookalikes for! However these were subject to mixing two shades for one Kylie lip colour, except the Mary Jo K dupe. There were a total of 8 shades (2 per shade) we blended and repeated, for the right colour.

kylie jenner lipkit dupes
Disclaimer : The following lip shades are subject to changes as per each one’s skin tone and base lip colour.

Kylie Jenner Lipkit Dupes

1) True Brown K

This was one of her first 3 shades and it was the easiest to replicate.
The two shades to blend are:

  • #missclaire – Aqua rouge 320. Price-Rs 190.
  • #Faces – Cinnamon 05.Price-Rs  300 (I managed to bag them at a good 50% discount).

2) Kourt K.

  •    #Matteme-fandango purple 411.Price-Rs 250.
  •    #Faces-very berry 10.Price Rs 599 (50% discount available in stores!go get them already)

3)Candy K.

  •   #Colourbar – Bare 58 velvet matte. Price-Rs 350
  •   #Faces – Peach blush 05. Price Rs.599 (Read above or pay the full amount later)

4)Posie K.

  • #Colourbar -Demure 1.velvet matte. Price-Rs 350.
  •  #Colourbar -Bare 58 velvet matte. Price-Rs 350.

5)Mary Jo K.

  • #Matte me – Rioja red. Price-Rs 250.

What To Expect From These Lipkit Dupes?

Don’t be disappointed if any of those shades don’t come out exactly as Kylie Jenner’s shades. What you’ll discover is a new stage of lipstick colours and textures.We’re all way over those bright Pinks, oranges and these colours are a fresh welcome. Subtle liptalk is what we’re totally embracing this season.

Experimenting with about 15 shades of lipsticks, after thorough research, trials, atrocious colour combinations later, we arrived at the right colours for Indian skin tone at the most affordable prices. My personal favourite turned out to be matte me. Matte me is a liquid matte lipcolour, which lasts as long as 12 hours in it’s exact texture and form of application. It is worth the price I paid (Rs.250) and is a must try and buy.
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