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*Drumrolls* 2018 is here for all the good that is about to happen. As usual, I obsessed over makeup during my family vacation in Goa, met some beautiful people by the beach, got inspired by them hippies just slaying it with their bare minimum faces and party hats on.
I gathered makeup trends picked up from the runway, added my own Desi twist to it and experimented to the brim only to produce practical looks for all you busy, but well groomed beauties.

LOOK 1 – The Undereye wing

It’s about time we ditched the upper eye lid and embraced the more sultry under eye wing that compliments Indian sensuality.

Kim K Undereye smokey Smudgey smokey undereye
Kim K smokey undereye

I was inspired by queen K of course and this is what my model looked like!

Smudgey undereye wing look
Makeup trends 2018 undereye wing


Step 1 –  Apply your kajal just the way you’d do on a daily basis

Step 2 – Extend it upwards through the edges of your eyelids with a sharp finish

Makeup trends 2018 reverse wing
Makeup trends 2018 reverse wing

Step 3 – You can smudge the edges for a subtle smokey finish

Step 4 – Top off the upper eyelid with a color that makes it pop, I’ve used a golden eye shadow color on my model

Undereye wing makeup trends
Makeup looks 2018 Indian undereye wing

Step 5 – Make sure you make enough eye contact throughout your day

Products used –

Eyes – Faces canada long lasting eyeliner

Mascara – Maybelline voluminous lashes

Face – Kryolan Supracolour palette

Contour – Kryolan supracolour palette

Highlighter – Makeup revolution highlighter palette


Model: Rosanna
Photographer: Chelsea Dale Monis

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