Hi,I love talking.

I’m virtually tamedtreasure.I’d brand myself as the newly discovered species of social hierarchy- ‘Ambivert’.Don’t get me wrong.I love meeting new people,making new friends and most of all sharing opinions! I mean don’t you need company and support for your opinions? As an ambivert,I’m tamed and not always out there befriending the world.I have days when I retreat into my shell only to catch up on me time so that I can hold endless conversations with all those who love talking!that’s the beauty of being tamedtreasure.
The reason I got talked into blogging was
a)I love talking
b)Venting out to the screen is my thing (Siri still talks back though)
c)Strong recommendations- When I find ‘the’ right choice of a place,restaurant,mall,movie I obsess over it like I finally found a match for days, until I get those around me to obsess about it too!
One of the reasons I obsess and recommend A LOT is so that I can dream,rant and crave for it along with some company to repeat and relive that experience again! Admit it guys,we all form some bond over a place,food,movie,song.
Last week I went out for brunch after my usual Sunday mass with my childhood friends to Villa Vandre in Bandra.We ordered for an english breakfast and a very basic russian cutlet.Who knew russian cutlets could take a piece of your heart like Villa Vandre’s did? the only memory I had of russian cutlets were at communion parties and weddings where it used to be served with biryani.This russian cutlet from Villa Vandre was out of this world! It had the perfect crisp on the outside that melted in your mouth from the inside.The chicken and egg were such a perfect blend!

My everyday obsession is..Ok I’ll be honest,but I just mean it from the point of view of fashion,beauty and lifestyle..It is none other than-Kylie Jenner.Yes I’m in love with an 18 year old who recently established her own lip kingdom! I sound like a stalker,(No I’m not lesbian) but who doesn’t like lip/outfit/hair goals first thing in the morning? It only makes me feel like I can pull off whatever I’m currently wearing with her attitude.I admire her business sense and those lips she’s worked her ass off on.She made her only insecurity her strength and here she is now (I’m excluding the nepotism).Anyway, I got my male colleague to obsess over her too and now he thinks she is everything goals *evil laugh*.
Obsession is fun.It’s a pass time I temporarily thrive on and go back to it whenever I want to.SONGS get me all the time! the song I’ve been playing on loop for the past 3 days is ‘3 strikes’ by terror junior.

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