MAD About MATTE (Nails)

Matte Nails Fad

No this isn’t about the new L’oreal campaign adapting to the matte lipstick craze that has been around for 2 years now. Thanks to lipkween Kylie!

This blog is all about my experience with a matte nail polish for the first time ever!
I know we’re super accustomed to our regular nail sheen and just like all of you, I was apprehensive about the turn out. It was beautiful. This ultra chic texture called ‘matte’ has slyly made it into the vanity kits as well as car showrooms. Have you been spotting matte finished BMW’s? well I’m sure the owner had to have her nails matched to her car, or even the other way around and voila! matte took over.

I had to get my hands on this novel texture and so I ordered my set of 3 matte nail enamels from I got the following shades for the following prices (the names of these shades were super accurate,you’ll know why after you’ve worn them)

1)Squid ink – a darker grey
2)S’mores milkshake – the lightest version of pink that exists
3)Matcha tiramisu – the colour you’d get when you mix matcha green with grey.
Price: Rs 549 for a set of three.

matte nails
Just look at them standing in front of their banner like little rockstars
I tried the squid ink today and I must admit how magical it was.Never have I ever seen nail enamel dry out into matte.I felt like a wizard *abrakadabra dry out matte*
matte nails

I did a little highlighting with my revlon blue eyeshadow on the nails for a finished look,because these little nail babies need some glam too.You can also use a highlighter to highlight the nail cuticle by dabbing it with an eye shadow brush or a Qtip.

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